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We also offer tattoo cover ups in Abilene, TX. Everyone knows that sometimes we make mistakes, and if one of your mistakes happens to be getting your ex's name tattooed on your arm, then we're the team to help set the record straight. Stop worrying about having to explain that Charlene is an ex and you made a poor decision. Instead, come to our shop and let us turn your unwanted conversation piece into a proud conversation starter.

Tattoo cover up services are not uncommon, however, finding a good artist to cover up your tattoo using the correct colors, techniques, lines and shading is. Don't make a second mistake by hiring a poorly qualified cover up artist to tattoo another embarrassing piece. Two wrongs does not make a right in the tattoo business.

Our experts have been covering up unwanted tattoos for quite some time now and one thing we have learned is that sometimes the best cover up is the ones that incorporate a natural flow of the current tattoo. So if you have lettering as your tattoo, then we can create a piece that leans on vines, small lines and design to play right into the natural curves of your letters perfectly hiding your previous tattoo.

Don't let an artist talk you into a brute force tactic when planning your next cover up, instead work with our team of professionals to create a custom design, focused on using your current tattoo to build its foundation, while providing new and fresh design to fully cover your prior tattoo.

Our Cover up Services Include:

  • Tattoo Reworking
  • Tattoo Recoloring and Restoration
  • Tattoo Transformation Services

To learn more about how we can work with you to get a piece you are proud to display, contact our shop today during normal business hours. We are always up for a challenge and never back down from a customer in need.

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